G H Raisoni Alumni Foundation (GHRAF) has been created to provide a platform for its alumni base of 45000+ and to connect, engage and benefit the Raisoni alumni, students and staff.

It provides core programs such as reunions, get-togethers, alumni directory, informational publications, career support services, continued learning opportunities, administration of benefits and other fundamental services to Alumni.

Key Objectives of GHRAF

  • Connect Alumni
  • Engage Alumni
  • Benefit Alumni

How will GHRAF fulfill its objectives?

  • Social and Professional Networking with fellow Alumni, RGI students & faculty
  • Alumni groups in Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Alumni Directory, Chapters, Awards
  • Events, Reunions, get together, On-campus visits
  • Career Support Services, Career Counselling, Headhunting Services
  • Online Job Board for recruiting talent
  • Entrepreneurial Support, Job discussions, Knowledge sharing discussions
  • Continued Education Opportunities, Targeted Skills Training Workshops
  • Library services
  • Subscriptions & Discounts such as Fee reductions for Sibling / Spouse / Wards
  • Newsletters/Magazines
  • Alumni access to GHRAF Lounges / Business Centers, Holiday homes etc
  • Volunteering & Mentoring Programs